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SSL Certificates

SSL Certificates are used to encrypt data between a client computers and your cloud site, vps / cloud server, or dedicated server. SSL's are equired for any serious e-commerce websites. All modern day browsers support SSL and websites use SSL certificates to encrypt and protect confidential user information. SSLs generally require a dedicated IP address from your other IPs. If you have a ZipServers server, sales can assist with the IP process.

ZipServers has selected four popular SSL certificates below. We offer a variety of SSL certificates from GeoTrus that fit most needs. If you need a certificate not listed, please ask sales as we can usually accomodate custom SSL requests!

GeoTrust SSL Certificates
Features Domains Secured Regular Price
RapidSSL®Issued in minutes, easy set up and install! 1 Domain $69.95/year$29/year
QuickSSL® PremiumA low-priced SSL Certificate issued in minutes with an extended warranty and a dynamic True Site Seal. 1 Domain $299.95/year $79/year
True BusinessID with EVOnly Extended Validation SSL Certificates trigger the green bar in high-security web browsers. 1 Domain $399.95/year $199/year
True BusinessID WildcardAffordable and flexible SSL security for unlimited sites on a single server. Multiple Domains $449.95/year $399/year

NOTE* – All options include 256-bit encryption, Domain-level Validation & 2048-bit SSL

Server Monitoring Powered by UptimeSpy
Features Service
Regular Price
Multi-Geopgraphic Server MonitoringEmail and Text Messaging alerts will let you know right away when your website is offline and needs attention. Unlimited $19.95/mo$3.97/mo

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