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Cloud Sites

ZipServers believes in giving you a choice with your support needs. Some are comfortable managing their own server, while others enjoy around the clock White Glove support.


All platforms from our cloud sites to vps / cloud servers on up to dedicated servers are all designed to be scalable. Whether you need a simple RAM upgrade or new processors, our systems can grow as you grow.


Managed Support comes with a variety of features such as monitoring your service and respond if failures are received. In addition, Managed Support customers can open tickets 24 hours a day requesting help setting up emails, compiling PHP and installing third party applications.

Location. Location. Location.

The Internet has changed. Speed has been scientifically proven to help sales conversions as well as rank higher in Google search rankings. Location matters, and with ZipServers you have many locations around the world.


ZipServers offers different platforms for different phases of your businesses growth cycle. Whether you are just starting out or been in business for years, we have a platform to fit your needs and future growth.

ZipServers offers both Managed Support and Unmanaged Servers.

Cloud Site Hosting comes packaged with Managed Support standard. To make VPS / Cloud Servers and Dedicated Servers more affordable, we have offered the ability to add Managed Support. We felt it best to let the client decide their needs and give them the option of Managed Support.

What’s included?

  • Free Migration of cPanel and Plesk from your old Web Host
  • Your choice of OS and Control Panels
  • Seemless Upgrades from Cloud Sites to VPS to Dedicated Server
  • 24 x 7 x 365 Day Phone, Chat, Ticket Support
  • Choice of Multiple Geographic Locations
  • Many Backup Options Available
  • Full Root Access on VPS Cloud and Dedicated Servers
  • Redundant DNS Servers or Private DNS Servers
  • Optional Pro-Active Managed Services

Managed cPanel
Cloud Site Hosting

  • 24/7/365
    Managed Support
  • ZipSafe™ Automated
  • cPanel Powered Cloud Hosting
  Bandwidth Base RAM Base HDD SSD Energized Price per month
CS 1,500GB 512MB 10GB No $14.95$7.97

*ZipSafe(TM) and Managed Support are INCLUDED free of charge with Cloud Site Hosting..

Excellent white glove support bundled on top of state-of-the-art technology is the name of the game here at ZipServers.

However, some of you may be more comfortable managing your own server and do not need White Glove Support. As such, we have created more cost effective packages that save you money. Most clients choose Managed Support though. You may select the option that best suits you while placing your order.

Managed vs Unmanaged

Service Managed Unmanaged
Network Related Questions
Hardware Related Questions
Reboot Requests
Operating System Updates -
Kernel Updates -
Assistance with cPanel or Plesk -
PHP Recompilation -
MySQL Questions -
Server Side Required Items (i.e. Zend) -
Assistance installing third party scripts -
Assistance with E-mail Server -
Assistance with Apache or other web servers -
What location will my server be in?

ZipServers offers dedicated servers out of multiple locations: Amsterdam, Hong Kong, Singapore, Dallas, Seattle, and Washington, D.C. locations can be selected during the order process.

Is cPanel or Plesk included or do I have to pay additional for the license?

Any package which has cPanel or Plesk listed in the name includes the license with additional fees built in.

How do you backup my data?

ZipServers offers an innovative backup system we call ZipSafe™ for free on cloud sites and vps / cloud servers. Good practice is to always setup additional backup services such as remote FTP or NAS. ZipSafe™ is only offered as a precaution to our clients and ultimately backup is the responsibility of the client.

How many IPs are included?

One IP is included with each server by default.

Can I order more IPs?

Yes, an additional IP is available for $2.00/mo/IP with justification.

Do I get root access?

Yes, you do.

What Operating Systems are available?

Currently we offer Debian, CentOS, Fedora and Ubuntu in their latest versions and in both 32-bit and 64-bit flavors.

Do you secure the server?

Yes, for servers with a control panel an automated security setup is performed during provisioning.

Less than$8/mo.

Cloud Hosting

cPanel hosting on a cloud platform for ultimate scalability and speed

Why Choose Us?

  • ZipSafe Backups™
  • Managed Support
  • Scalable Cloud Platform
  • Geographic Locations

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